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"The New Hillbillies are a band of brilliant musicians from New Hill, NC with deep roots in country, rock and blues. Their unique hillbilly-rock sound also branches out into the beyond, twisting and turning its way thru aspects of soul, southern rock, folk and improvisational music. Elevating and meaningful lyrics intersect with dynamic guitar and an infectious dance groove somewhere between time and space forging a joyful celebration of the soul.”

Our Story

The New Hillbillies who hail from Chatham County, North Carolina, have been influenced by a wide variety of musicians and musical styles from past and present. Bands and musicians like The Grateful Dead, Bill Monroe, Merle Haggard, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Doors, David Grohl, and Steve Earle have inspired them to create a unique sound that is deeply rooted in country, rock and blues. A mix of multiple singers and songwriters allows this band to extend beyond its borders to reach an audience every time they take the stage!


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Other Media:

  • Local 99 show featured "Twisted" 2/5/17
  • Local 99 Show Featured "In The Night" 3/5/17
  • Podcast " The Daily with Syl Stein" 7/10/17

Why Us?

We are a Dynamic Local Group that engages our audience with exciting originals and old favorites given the hillbilly spin. We have a range from blues, southern rock, old school country and rock to even a hillbilly reggae. Our talented musicians can even cater to those special requests for an important occasion.

Hell Train

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In the Night


A Band is Born

In the fall of 2014, Jeff Womble (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Cameron Johnson (Bass Guitar, Vocals) and two additional original members set out to start a new music venture. Their new band called “The New Hillbillies” was envisioned as a modern bluegrass band with all the usual suspects but it soon became clear that this would be so much more. As the new year approached, lineup changes and a new sense of direction caused these two cousins to realized that the band was in need of a dynamic drummer who could take them to the next level. An opportunity soon presented itself when (drummer) Ian Bartschenfeld stumbled upon their jam session one winters day in downtown New Hill. After that chance encounter, they started playing together and as things developed, the music started to morph and change into the southern hillbilly rock sound that it is today.

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I Need a Freigh Train

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In the spring of 2015 The New Hillbillies started playing shows in bars around the Apex, North Carolina area. Impressive original tunes were mixed with outstanding adapted cover songs to create an intense show that soon had a local following. Later that year at one of these events they met Jacob Adam Johnston (Lead Guitar), who became a member of the band after sitting in on a couple of songs with the band that very night. Since then, the band has shared its music in a wide variety of venues across the state of North Carolina

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